#006: Impression Factor: The Best Metric to Analyze Social Media Performance

Want to know how a social media account is performing?
Look closely at this ONE metric
It tells me quickly if:
  • the content is any good
  • it's building an engaged audience
  • the account will grow
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Here is how it's calculated:

🛠️ Impression Factor = Total Impressions (90 days) / Total Following

This tells you how much reach the account has relative to its audience size. It also reveals whether the audience is an engaged one, and if the content is resonating with the audience.
Here is how to read the number. Impression Factor =
<10 ... Work to do, content is not resonating/reaching your audience
<25 ... Good, engaged audience with growing
<50 .... Very good, capturing attention and creating new reach
<100 ... Elite
(you are free to have a different rubric)
The social media platforms or aggregators like Hootsuite, Sprout etc don't convert the metric natively
So I calculate it manually for the social accounts I study.
  • Use Impression Factor to study a social media account
  • Total Impressions / Total Followers
  • Understand if your content is resonating