#003: Gong’s Community Design Masterstroke

Gong made a masterstroke recently
They quietly launched something that sets the bar for customer experience
(If you’re in a customer facing role, take note)
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Here’s what they did:
  • Combined Community, Academy, Content & Help in ONE destination
  • One login for access to all Gong related conversations
  • Unified search between LMS, Community and Knowledge Base
  • Branded experience called “Visioneer” with an inner circle
  • User generated content so Gong doesnt have to do all the content heavy lifting
  • Perks and benefits for loyal members
It’s ONE centralized experience to talk about all things Gong
Internally, they drove alignment between Customer Education, Community, Content and Customer Marketing teams to make this happen
Here’s my guess on how its built:
  • Insided is the central platform
  • Looks like Skilljar for the LMS
  • Some federated search tool like Algolia or Coveo
  • A customer marketing program for Inner Circle
  • Some gifting platform like Sendoso or Swagup for the perks and logistics
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