#005: Analyzing 300+ LinkedIn Posts from B2B companies

Date: Apr 24, 2023
Author: Sumeru Chatterjee
I analyzed 300+ social media posts from B2B SaaS companies
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Executive Summary:

  1. Best performing posts were in the Industry post category
  1. Top engaged posts had polls, images or memes
  1. Median post-performance was a low 84 even with a median of 20k followers
  1. Top social brands (like Gong) play different:
    1. Post more about Industry (42%) vs others (28%)
    2. Post 2-3 a day, vs the usual advice of 2-3 times a week
    3. Self promote a lot less (14%) vs others (49%)
    4. See full analysis here
  1. Time of day was not a major factor in post-performance

Let’s Dive In


I. Background

I started this study with a hypothesis - that corporate accounts that are good at social media do things differently.
I just had a feeling that companies like Gong were using a different strategy on social to build a strong audience and fanatical fan base.
But I didn’t have the data. I tried to see if reports from social media companies like Hootsuite, Sprout Social would have this, but came up blank.
So I decided to create it myself. I studied all LinkedIn posts in Q1 2023 from the following companies - Gong, Hubspot, Shopify, SimilarWeb and Appsflyer. For each post, I recorded what the post was about and how it performed. Find the full methodology in the appendix below.
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II. Category - what do LinkedIn posts talk about?

Understanding the Category of Social Posts
The most important part of a social media post - what it talks about.
After studying hundreds of posts from various companies, I realized most corporate posts can be broken down into 6 main categories
These are:
  1. Industry - educative content, insights, trends, content related to the problem the company solves, but no direct promotion of company’s products or services
  1. Self-promotion - product launches, features, events, webinars etc, usually promoting something or has a CTA
  1. Culture - current events, social trends, news, holidays, memes - e.g. Black History Month, Viral challenges etc
  1. Customer - customer case study, customer spotlight etc
  1. Corporate - company news, funding, company events, exec announcements, PR
  1. Talent - employees shoutout, employer branding, workplace culture, awards etc
Here is the breakdown of all the posts by category across the data set:
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Talking about your Industry seems to be the most popular at 42% (phew), followed by talking about yourself at 26% 😅
Talent, Corporate and Customers seem to take a back seat with less than 3% each
Now if you take away the top performer Gong from the data set, another story emerges:
Suddenly, Self-Promotion becomes the leader with 49% of posts, followed by Industry posts.
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What do the most popular posts talk about?
  • Culture is the top leader
  • Self-promotion comes in at a surprising #2, followed by Industry
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Next, I wanted to see how the post category varies between top social accounts like Gong vs the others.
  • Almost 50% of posts were about Industry vs 28% from others
  • Only 14% of posts were Self-Promotion vs 49% from others
  • Gong had 170 posts in Q1 vs 87 posts for the other 4 companies combined
Basically, top-performing social accounts talk a lot less about themselves, and a lot more about the industry they are in.
This makes sense to me from a social strategy perspective, but glad to see the data corroborate that.

III. Creative - Text, Images or Carousels?


Understanding the Creative types used in Social Posts

What creative types are used in LinkedIn posts the most?
  • Photos are the most popular
  • Followed (surprisingly) by video, then text
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What are all these videos about, you ask?
Drum roll….
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Most are Self-Promotion 😢 
These are mostly productlaunches, launches & corporate announcements.
The only exceptions are from category leader Gong that posted a few videos in the Culture and Industry category.

What is the top-performing creative type?

The quick answer is Polls. But I think that’s partly because of how I’ve defined the performance of a post. For this study, I defined performance as:
engagement = likes + comments + shares + poll votes)
Polls usually get lots of votes, which boosts their engagement score
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So then, what is the top-performing creative type that’s not a poll?
The answer is more evenly distributed, but photos seem to be the front-runner.
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But a little surprised to see that Text posts don’t appear anywhere near the top.


Get access to the database used in this report - over 300+ LinkedIn posts from B2B SaaS companies like Gong, Hubspot, Shopify and SimilarWeb



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Filter, sort posts by:

  • Date
  • Creative Type
  • Post Performance
  • Post Category


Next Steps:

Step 1: Make this analysis more robust by adding more companies.
P.S. → Have a company you think I should add to this study? DM me on LinkedIn and let me know
Step 2: Explore further hypothesis
I have a new hypothesis - posts from personal profiles are outperforming corporate accounts. I don’t have the data to prove it yet, but this would be interesting to study
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Other micro-essays:


For this study, I looked at LinkedIn posts from Q1 2023.
For each post, I recorded:
> Post-performance (likes + engagement)
> Creative type (text, photo, video, poll etc)
> Post type (self-promotion, customer story, industry insight etc)
> Post Date
> Screenshot
> Post Link
(the definitions of each are in the Appendix below)
Companies I studied included Gong, Hubspot, Shopify, SimilarWeb, Appsflyer
Here is the breakdown of the posts recorded:
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