#002: How to start writing on LinkedIn

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How to start writing on LinkedIn:

1. Start by commenting on others people’s posts

This is the easiest way to get started.
Few ways to comment well:
>> share a key data or insight to support / disagree with the post
>> summarize the key insights from longer posts
>> add your unique perspective
>> share a personal story

2. Take notes everywhere

This helps your find ideas for writing on LinkedIn.
You can take notes:
>> when you come across another great post etc
>> when you see something interesting
>> when you read / listen

3. Write one post

This is the most important step.
Here are a few different formats to try:
>> a mistake you made recently and what your learned from it
>> something new you learned in your field
>> a prediction you have for your industry
>> call out a bad practice / inefficiency you see in the workplace

4. Start creating a backlog

Write whenever inspiration strikes you. And organize them in a journal / folder
When an idea strikes you, it feels like it really “hit” you. Don’t waste it. Pull out your phone and write it down.
Come back to it later, improve it
Now you have a writing system
I look forward to reading what you write
  1. Start by commenting on other people’s posts
  1. Take notes everywhere
  1. Write one post
  1. Start creating a backlog
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